Luke Clements

Luke Clements is the Cerebra Professor of Law at Leeds University and is a solicitor.

What’s New?

Pre-payment cards and direct payments

Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) has published guidance concerning the use by local authorities of pre-payment cards for direct payments / personal budgets. TLAP describes itself as a ‘national partnership’ that includes the Department of Health and Social Care, the …

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Charges for community care

For many disabled people the cut backs in social care support have been accompanied by steep increases in local authority charges[1] exacerbated by the freezing of threshold allowances for the last nine years.  This has meant that any increase in …

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DWP and MoJ unlawful inaction

Legal research by the International Disability Law Clinic at the School of Law, Leeds University concludes that the Government’s policy of not installing audio recording equipment for all Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessments and at all Social Security and Child …

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Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs) and social care responsibilities

An important ombudsman report[1] has just been published that reaffirms that: social services authorities have duties under the Care Act 2014 to ensure that necessary home adaptations are provided and that this ‘responsibility cannot be passed on to another organisation’ …

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Extra care housing: ‘just in time’ systems are for cars not care

Extra care housing is a good idea. In practice however it looks to be failing all but the wealthy. This ‘post’ describes the idea behind extra care housing schemes and the challenges they face. It concludes with an incredibly insightful …

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Post-19 education transport costs

In a recent and important report,[1] the ombudsman has held that the transport needs of an adult in education are relevant considerations when assessing his (and his carer’s) social care needs. Citing the Statutory Guidance to the Care Act 2014 …

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NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) and transitions into adulthood

Young people who are receiving NHS Continuing Care (and their families) are inevitably anxious to know what their care and support arrangements will be once they become 18.  Not infrequently there will be concern about losing a suitable placement because …

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NHS CHC and supine council leaders

The number of people eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding (CHC) in England has fallen – again. The most recent figures[1] have just been published and show that in the last quarter there were 54,754 people assessed as eligible for …

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