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Charging, strategic litigation and the Norfolk judgment

  The Local Government Association (LGA) has published a copy of a letter sent by the Centre for Adult Social Care Advice, Information and Dispute Resolution (CASCAIDr) to all English…

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NHS Continuing Health Care (CHC) judgment

An interesting and novel case where a local authority brought a private law claim against a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to recover sums it had paid for the costs of…

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High Court Social Care Charging judgment

Proceedings taken on behalf of a 24 year old disabled person with Down Syndrome, challenging the way the council calculated the charges she had to pay for her social care…

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It’s definitely not autism it’s …

The guest post you are about to read is written by Julia Carter, Tracy Moon and Tracey Harrison.  It is a powerful example of an issue that we (the Cerebra…

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Disabled children’s assessments

Two new on-line webinars / lectures, both concerning disabled children’s assessments: Assessing the support needs of disabled children and their families The first is a detailed explanation of the process…

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