Luke Clements

Luke Clements is the Cerebra Professor of Law at Leeds University and is a solicitor.

What’s New?

Disabled Facilities Grants and young people in England

Local authorities have statutory obligations to pay grants to facilitate access to homes by disabled occupants as well as to make them safe for the disabled person and those they live with.  In relation to disabled young people in England,[1] …

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The Misuse by local authorities of their ‘protection’ powers

Some disabled people and their families have had negative experiences of the way their local authority or local NHS body behave.  In some cases this behaviour feels oppressive and sometimes it feels like being bullied. In 2011, the Law Commission …

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Pet care costs and social care charges

For those of us concerned about the high level of local authority charges as well as those sceptical of about the ‘personal budgets’ agenda this is an interesting piece of research. Not infrequently, as the attached report notes, proponents of …

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The accessibility of Disabled Facilities Grant application forms

What can a cash strapped local authority do if the law requires that a grant be paid within 12 months of an application?  It appears that about half have decided to restrict access to the application form. A research study …

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Another fall in NHS Continuing Care (CHC) numbers

The CHC figures for the last quarter of 2017-18 have been released.[1]  They show that in April 2018 the total number of people eligible for NHS CHC in England stood at 54,411. Of these, 37,114 were eligible for standard NHS …

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Difficult questions require a ‘plan’: ‘transitions’ as an example.

Robert Graves’ in his autobiography ‘Goodbye to All That’ describes how he, his wife and their small children were in urgent need of a house to rent in Oxfordshire – but there was nothing available anywhere. They decided that instead …

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Autistic children and care assessments

A ‘What’s New’ post contributed by Priya Bahri of the Disability Law Service. Autistic children and care assessments – the problem of local authority eligibility criteria’s. Background.  The Disability Law Service is a legal charity that represents disabled adults and …

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Administering a cap on costs [2]

The second in a series of ‘posts’ considering the options for the reform of social care funding, subtitled ‘avoiding the obvious’.  The Government has announced that it will ‘publish a Green Paper on care and support for older people[1] by …

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