Luke Clements

Luke Clements is the Cerebra Professor of Law at Leeds University and is a solicitor.

What’s New?

The Conservative Manifesto and social care

I have reviewed the Manifesto proposals and consider, among other things:

  • that it is doubtful, once the implications of these proposals are appreciated by MPs, whether they will ever make it onto the statute book.
  • that they will act as a further incentive for older people to transfer their properties into their children’s names, into exotic trusts and/or off-shore entities
  • authorities will end up with debt portfolios of many millions.  There will be a temptation to sell this debt or indeed the Government may be unable to resist the urge to privatise it
  • that the changes may be used to withdraw Attendance Allowance / Disability Living Allowance / Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) for people receiving care in their own homes;
  • that the proposals do not address the immediate problem of severe underfunding of social care.
  • that the proposals perpetuate a system that punishes carers and rewards those who do not live with dependency – who can free-ride on the unpaid care they received as children and avoid having to contribute in any way to compensate today’s carers and people who find themselves in a situation of dependency.
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Social Care in Wales: A Guide for disabled children and their families

A new Cerebra Guide to Social Care Law in Wales: A Guide for disabled children and their families.  For a link to the guide click here.

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Community Care & the Law - 6th Edition

A new edition of Community Care and the Law (6th edition) is in its proof stage and will be available at the end of February or early March.  For details and to order click here.

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Care Act 2014 updated briefing (January 2017)

This briefing provides an updated overview of the Care Act 2014.  Click here for the briefing.

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Social Services & Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 (updated briefing December 2016).

Updated briefing on the  Social Services & Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 - click here for a copy.

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School Transport Guide

An excellent new guide concerning school transport assistance for disabled children in England has been  published by Cerebra - click here for a link to the guide

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Late Spring 2016 Newsletter

For a copy of the late Spring 2016 Newsletter - click here.

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Challenging reductions in care packages

For a brief note advising how to challenge reductions in care and support packages - click here

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New Disability Law Hub

Leeds University Law School launches a new Disability Law Hub with Professors Anna Lawson, Oliver Lewis and Luke Clements - click here for further details

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Cerebra Problem Solving Toolkit 2016

A Guide advising on approaches to solving commonly occurring problems encountered with the health bodies and local authorities.

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