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Parent carer blame with added stereotyping

On the 2nd September BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour[1] featured the recent Cerebra research report ‘Institutionalising Parent Carer Blame’.[2]  The programme included compelling accounts from parents of disabled children who…

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Institutionalising Parent-carer Blame

Disabled children and their families are one of the most severely disadvantaged groups in the UK. A major research report published today (21 July 2021) finds that most English Children’s…

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An expression of righteous anger might sometimes not be amiss?

In 2019 the ombudsman published a report[1] which criticised a council for its decision to (among other things) reduce a disabled person’s care and support plan without a proper assessment…

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Parent Carer’s Needs Assessments

Some local authorities appear to think that they have no duty to provide support for a family as a result of a Parent Carer’s Needs Assessments (PCNA) – with statements…

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An unpaid carer’s life: a cri de cœur

The guest post you are about to read from a good colleague builds on an earlier posting which also concerns an incredibly troubling account of the health system’s approach to…

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