Direct Payments Research

The School of Law at Leeds University and Cerebra via their LEaP Project are undertaking research on the adequacy of direct payments for disabled children. This has included Freedom of Information requests to local authorities to identify the standard rates that are being paid and the procedures for increasing these in individual cases.

The second phase of the research is a questionnaire survey to parents / carers who:

  • are currently receiving direct payments; or
  • have been offered direct payments but decided not to accept them; or
  • have requested or accepted an offer of direct payments and the system is still being set up; or
  • used to receive direct payments but decided to stop using them.

If you fall into this group, it would be wonderful if you could feed back on your ‘direct payment’ experiences. We estimate that the will take 10-15 minutes to complete and it can be accessed by clicking here (or if this does not work – enter this link in your browser) Please forward this message / tweet and link to anyone or any organisation that may be able to feed into this project.

We hope to publish the findings of the research in the spring this year.

Posted 17 January 2018