New NHS Continuing Healthcare Framework

The Department of Health and Social Care has published a revised NHS Continuing Healthcare Framework – a copy of which can be accessed by clicking here. A handout of a PowerPoint explaining the basics of NHS Continuing Healthcare can be accessed by clicking here.

The Framework has been revised to take into account the enactment of the Health and Social Care Act 2022.  The most significant change is that Clinical Commissioning Groups have now been replaced (as of 1 July 2022) by 42 Integrated Care Boards.  In addition, the new Framework includes guidance concerning the revised hospital discharge process – with the new emphasis on ‘discharge to assess’ procedures.

In large measure the Framework replicates the 2018 guidance.  It is accompanied by an updated Decision Support Tool, Fast Track Pathway Tool and Checklist but these are, in their essentials unchanged (so far as I can see).

Posted 4 July 2022