Dr. Rhydian Fon James was an academic who wrote on bio-regional and green economics. In addition to his work he was a political campaigner on social justice and social welfare matters. In response to the Coalition Government’s inequitable and discriminatory policies targeted at disabled people, he co-founded with Kaliya Franklin the Broken of Britain to campaign for the rights of disabled people.
Sadly, Rhydian died in January 2016 at the age of 31 years.
This on-line Journal is dedicated to Rhydian’s memory and the aspiration to promote and ensure the rights of adults and children in need of care and support in Wales.
‘Rhydian: Social Welfare Law in Wales’ is maintained by Ann James and Luke Clements (details below).  Ann’s email

Help needed

Rhydian aims to be a critical commentary concerning social welfare law in Wales.  Ann James and Luke Clements are coordinating this project but the materials need to be developed, corrected, updated and the range of topics expanded.
For this to happen Rhydian must develop a community of support – that will contribute papers and articles,case studies, commentaries and viewpoints  for the Rhydian on-line Journal.
We welcome comments, discussion and analysis concerning the state of social welfare law and guidance in Wales from disabled people and carers as well as practitioners / academics in law; social care; health care. The focus will be on health and social care law but include education and other related devolved social welfare fields. We are looking for materials concerning positive experiences, not so positive experiences and matters that you would like aired, discussed  analysed and debated publicly.
Ann James is a retired social worker, social work academic and more recently worked as a Manager in the Care Council for Wales. She was a carer for her son Rhydian; Luke Clements is the Cerebra Professor of Law and Social Justice at the School of Law, Leeds University.
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