Health Budgets

An excellent paper written by Francesca Pozzoli ‘Health Budgets: A critical analysis of the NHS vision’ in the current edition of Research, Policy and Planning (2019) 33(2),69-84 includes the memorable passage:

The mantra of choice and control is so powerful, and so widespread within both health and social care, that it is now very difficult, both at a policy and practice level, to challenge such concepts or to substitute them with others.

For the full paper click here and scroll down to page 69.

Your council’s performance

The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman has developed an on-line resource detailing the ombudsman’s contact with each English council – including (if you click on ‘annual statistics’) a copy of his annual ‘report’ letter.  These letters are mostly bland – but for a few naughty councils – they make interesting reading.  To access the tool – click here