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An excellent site ‘Useful People’ that focuses on Special Educational/Additional Learning Needs Policy in Wales can be accessed by clicking here.


Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Act 2018

The Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Act 2018 gained Royal Assent on the 24 January 2018. The Act will, when it comes into force, reform Special Education Needs Law in Wales. The key detail will emerge later this year (possibly September) when the Welsh Government publish for consultation a draft Code of Practice. The key documents concerning the Act’s transit through the Assembly can be accessed by clicking here and background Briefings on the Act can be accessed by clicking here for the Welsh briefing and here for the English briefing.

The expected timetable for implementation is as follows:

  • Spring 2018: detailed implementation guidance to be issued;
  • Autumn 2018: consultation on the draft regulations and the draft Code of Practice;
  • 2019: Assembly scrutiny of the regulations and Code
  • End of 2019: approval and publication of final Code;
  • 2020: implementation training;
  • September 2020: Act comes into force and new system launched;
  • Summer 2023: current system phased out entirely.