Journal 2018 ~ Volume 2

Opinion Piece

Keith Bowen                                                        Volume 2 pp. 1-4

Disabled Facilities Grants in Wales:
the legality of charging families for home adaptations to accommodate the needs of disabled young people

Ann James and Luke Clements                           Volume 2 pp. 5-11

NHS Continuing Care (CHC) responsibilities for Children and Young People in Wales

Luke Clements                                                     Volume 2 pp. 12-18

Case note – R (CWR) v Flintshire County Council (2018)

Julie Burton                                                          Volume 2 pp. 19-22

Closure of the Welsh Independent Living Grant:
In the cause of equality of provision for disabled people?

Ann James and Luke Clements                           Volume 2 pp. 23-26

Recent developments in children’s social care law
and policy relating to Wales

Julie Doughty                                                      Volume 2 pp. 27-30

Action on Disability:
The Right to Independent Living (Welsh Government, 2018)

Alison Tarrant                                                     Volume 2 pp. 31-39


Views from Practice

Neglect is Self-Neglect too? An Examination of Law and Policy in Wales

Carys Phillips                                                       Volume 2: Part 2: pp. 1-7