Editorial policy


The Rhydian: on-line Journal is not a refereed journal, however, the editors with the help of a small editorial board will ensure quality and that the material is engaging and written in a style suited to as wide a readership as is possible.

Papers and briefings will need to conform to academic custom and authors will need to provide a short abstract with up to six keyword. The paper /briefing should be referenced with primary sources and citations appearing as foot notes. Papers and briefing should not exceed 3,000 words and shorter pieces are welcome.

The editors may invite lengthier contributions e.g. an exposition on a key development in social welfare law in Wales.

The on-line journal welcomes case study discussions which highlight significant and interesting legal and theoretical perspectives and practice issues . Authors should liaise with one of the editors to discuss how to anonymise the material to safeguard the interests of individuals and services.

The on-line Journal welcomes ‘viewpoints’ and ‘perspectives’ from practice, contributions from professionals and those with care and support experience . These submissions do not need to conform to academic custom.